Growing up in Caledon Ontario, Sean is the oldest of three siblings to Garth and Debbie Bechtel. Sean was married to his High School sweetheart Krystal Jeffs in the summer of 2012 and now live in Caledon East with their dog Bernie.  Sean and Krystal are also excited to be welcoming their first child early in the new year.

Sean’s athletic career started when he was 8 and his parents asked if he wanted to join the local swim team.  He swam competitively until early high school.  That’s when he saw Simon Whitfield win the gold at the Sydney Olympics and decided to take up triathlons.

Making the transition quickly he saw success right away and continued on it over the years.  He is a multiple time medalist at national championships and represented Canada at multiple World Championships.

Over the years Sean chased his dreams of competing at the Olympics, getting close to the 2008 Games in Bejing, Sean has now decided to focus his career on Long Course Racing.  Since then he has been on the podium at many Half Ironman races, and just completed his first Ironman where he finished 10th at the North American Championships.

In addition to racing, Sean has joined with Barrie Shepley and Personal Best to start coaching athletes to achieve their athletic goals.

Career Highlights

2003 Pan American games Team Member

National Champion in Cross Triathlon 2013

6x National championship  Medalist, Junior, U-23 and Elite

2011 National Long  Distance Triathlete of the Year

2009 National U-23 Athlete of the Year

Top Canadian at the North American Ironman Championship, 10th overall 8:47:27

2x medalist at 70.3 triathlons

Coaching Update

Approaching 2014, I made a decision to put more time and energy into coaching athletes rather than racing myself.   It had been a very enjoyable year. My favourite thing about coaching is the wide variety of speeds and abilities that I encounter and the challenge of making training programs that suit each individual athlete. I think the variation allows me to stay sharp in all aspects of coaching; including keeping up to date with the newest technologies in swimming, biking and running. I always enjoy seeing everyone out at races and cheering them on,  at times when I was racing myself I had to force myself to keep my head into my race because I found I was worried more about how my athletes were doing.   Looking for their competition and even trying to get splits for them. I know any coach and athlete can’t have a perfect season there are always ups and downs throughout the course of the year.  Myself and my athletes did have some setbacks but I feel we were able to accept them and move on.  With the setbacks there are always the successes and our year was full of successes. These are…

Long Awaited Race Report

If you don’t know the story at the start of the year I had no plan to do an Iron distance race, the start of the season started off slow with a flat at the first race in Alabama.    the season was starting to get back on track and then the opportunity came up to race the Challenge Penticton.  It is a historic race and one I have always wanted to do.   The season then took a turn as I tried to train for the Iron distance race.   I call it Iron distance because it is not officially an Ironman so I don’t want to call it an Ironman. The preparation went well, but because of the short time period i was not able to get to the distances I needed to to completely be ready for the race.  I was prepared to go fast but was not sure I could hang on. The race itself went  pretty well to plan.  I had a good swim, could have probably been a little faster than I was but the energy to swim 90s faster was more then I wanted to give knowing I was already short on fitness….

Bracebridge Race Report and Upcoming Races

It has been a long gap between races but there is a reason.   That reason being is that I have decided to do another Iron Distance at Challenge Penticton August 24th.   Because I decided to do the race late I needed to take a lot of the weekends over the last month to get in the long training days needed.   Training has been going well, lots of long rides and runs and with the early part of the season spent on short course racing I have found that the speed of Ironman has been a lot easier to achieve, it is just the distances that are getting me. Now 2 weeks out I decided to do a race to cap off the last hard training block and see where the legs were.   I trained hard up until Thursday and took Friday and Saturday easy so I would have some energy for the race because I knew a lot of the top talent in Ontario would be there. The race started off ok, I did not feel great in the swim and was having a hard time getting the turnover going in the water and because of…