Coaching Update

Approaching 2014, I made a decision to put more time and energy into coaching athletes rather than racing myself.   It had been a very enjoyable year. My favourite thing about coaching is the wide variety of speeds and abilities that I encounter and the challenge of making training programs that suit each individual athlete. I think the variation allows me to stay sharp in all aspects of coaching; including keeping up to date with the newest technologies in swimming, biking and running. I always enjoy seeing everyone out at races and cheering them on,  at times when I was racing myself I had to force myself to keep my head into my race because I found I was worried more about how my athletes were doing.   Looking for their competition and even trying to get splits for them. I know any coach and athlete can’t have a perfect season there are always ups and downs throughout the course of the year.  Myself and my athletes did have some setbacks but I feel we were able to accept them and move on.  With the setbacks there are always the successes and our year was full of successes. These are…

Long Awaited Race Report

If you don’t know the story at the start of the year I had no plan to do an Iron distance race, the start of the season started off slow with a flat at the first race in Alabama.    the season was starting to get back on track and then the opportunity came up to race the Challenge Penticton.  It is a historic race and one I have always wanted to do.   The season then took a turn as I tried to train for the Iron distance race.   I call it Iron distance because it is not officially an Ironman so I don’t want to call it an Ironman. The preparation went well, but because of the short time period i was not able to get to the distances I needed to to completely be ready for the race.  I was prepared to go fast but was not sure I could hang on. The race itself went  pretty well to plan.  I had a good swim, could have probably been a little faster than I was but the energy to swim 90s faster was more then I wanted to give knowing I was already short on fitness….

Bracebridge Race Report and Upcoming Races

It has been a long gap between races but there is a reason.   That reason being is that I have decided to do another Iron Distance at Challenge Penticton August 24th.   Because I decided to do the race late I needed to take a lot of the weekends over the last month to get in the long training days needed.   Training has been going well, lots of long rides and runs and with the early part of the season spent on short course racing I have found that the speed of Ironman has been a lot easier to achieve, it is just the distances that are getting me. Now 2 weeks out I decided to do a race to cap off the last hard training block and see where the legs were.   I trained hard up until Thursday and took Friday and Saturday easy so I would have some energy for the race because I knew a lot of the top talent in Ontario would be there. The race started off ok, I did not feel great in the swim and was having a hard time getting the turnover going in the water and because of…

Mine Over Matter Race Report

This past weekend I got to race my favourite race of the year.   I had been looking forward to it since I started back at training in April.   I started to ride my mountain bike a lot more this year and started to race a weekly MTB race series to help hone my skills.   The race series I think really helped with my early season bike fitness, there is nothing better for absolute power and anaerobic fitness then a few hours of racing on a mtb. I had raced the week before in Saskatoon and took a few days to completely recover from the effort.   I only started to feel good on the Wednesday.   I went out to the course and pre rode again on the Friday and felt awesome and that got be ready for a great race the next day. Race morning I got a surprise in that Karsten Madsen who was not going to race decided to come which added another name into the potential winners.   My game plan was simple, swim hard bike hard and be out of mind on the run. The swim went well, the water was warm…

Good but not Great day in Saskatoon

As you can read from my previous post it was not a great lead up to the race this weekend.  I was sick about 2 weeks out and missed about 4 full day of training then it took the better part of a week to start feeling good again.   I was feeling okay the last few days into the race and had a good uneventful travel to Saskatoon. Race prep went well, we were not able to swim at the course because of poor time management but we were able to find a pool, we also did a loop of the run course as well as a short bike.  Pretty typical pre race day. Race day was a little different, because of the point to point bike it was a little odd setting things up in the am.  There was no problem but having to go to 2 different transitions felt a little weird. Okay now on to the race.   The day was just full of little issues that when done as just one is no big deal but add them all together and they become more significant.  Mistake 1: Not bringing a suit I could swim in…

A tough week

Every once in a while there are weeks where nothing really seems to go well.  I had a good Saturday workout the week before then came down with a but of a cold and had to miss a few days of training.  On the bright side I got a lot of work done.   After I got sick Krystal and the little one Ross came down with it as well so even though I was feeling better I needed to stay home and help get things done around the house.   I had a good workout today and Krystal is starting to feel better so things should be getting back on track this week. I leave for my first big race of the year this Friday in Saskatoon, I am confident in the Olympic distance race right now so I think I am ready to go fast.   Should be a lot of fun. Sean

May and Early June Race Update

I always find it amazing how fast the body can adapt and change.   During this winter with the birth of Ross I had to let training go for a lot longer then anticipated.   I let my weight get to an all time high and lost a lot of fitness.   I knew it would take a while  and it did, I fought with myself thinking I would never get back into good enough shape to race this year.   Then there was a span of a few weeks towards the end of May where everything started to click again, almost like my body said “ok, I have punished you enough for the winter off I will start to work with you again.”   Workouts started to get faster and my endurance grew and grew. I went into my first race of the year in Harrow as the Ontario Duathlon Championship.   With my team mate Lional Sanders I knew I would likely be battling for Second.  The race went out fast on the first 5k, I was right where I thought I would be ( 17.00 ) for first run leg but started the bike over 2min down…

Getting Back to the Training

Not that I am complaining at all but based off a series of events I am starting the new year at my heaviest weight ever and probably in the worse shape ever.  Starting with knowingly taking a break after Muskoka 70.3 I then got sick.  After about a month of not feeling myself I finally got going for a week or 2.  That’s when things started to happen with Krystal and our little man.   For about 3 weeks we were in and out of the Hospital for tests and Ultrasounds which ultimately ended in Little Ross coming Dec 10th almost 4 weeks early.   So with that and a lengthy hospital stay which is common with pre mature babies we got out right before Christmas.  Add it that and New Years family obligations, it leaves me almost 20 pounds above Ironman weight and feeling weak. My favorite thing to do besides triathlon is XC skiing,  one advantage with having above average snow and below average temps is that it makes for great skiing.   I have been doing all my running because I need to but been supplementing some swims and bikes for skis.  Helps keep me sane by…

Launching the New Website

I am very excited to get this going.  I will update as much as possible and keep everyone up to date on training and racing with the new addition to the family!  Along with the training and racing, I will keep all the new information regarding my coaching and other Personal Best and C3 Events.  

Summer and start of fall

Been a long time again but better late then never.  A quick recap of the summer, Obviously the highlight was getting married.  It was a great day and week and I am the happiest guy around.  Racing this summer was really hit or miss.  I seemed to do well at races I was not really expecting and races I thought I was ready and prepared for I did not do as well as I would have thought.  I still had a great year but I was expecting a bit more. In terms of the fall and next year.  I am going to focus all my energy on having a great race at Mont Tremblant Ironman in August.  I really want to give it a good try while still in good shape. I will hopefully keep the blog more up to date with my training and racing as well as keeping everything up to date with life. Thanks for reading.