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It has been a long gap between races but there is a reason.   That reason being is that I have decided to do another Iron Distance at Challenge Penticton August 24th.   Because I decided to do the race late I needed to take a lot of the weekends over the last month to get in the long training days needed.   Training has been going well, lots of long rides and runs and with the early part of the season spent on short course racing I have found that the speed of Ironman has been a lot easier to achieve, it is just the distances that are getting me. Now 2 weeks out I decided to do a race to cap off the last hard training block and see where the legs were.   I trained hard up until Thursday and took Friday and Saturday easy so I would have some energy for the race because I knew a lot of the top talent in Ontario would be there.

The race started off ok, I did not feel great in the swim and was having a hard time getting the turnover going in the water and because of the winding river swim it was hard to get a rhythm going having to look up all the time.   The race in Bracebridge is unique because of the TT start.  I went off first and had a 15s gap to Cody Beals, who has proved himself to be one of the top 2 70.3 athletes in the Province this year.  I was actually surprised to hear I had put about 1min on him in the water so I guess my swim was not that bad after all. Getting onto the bike I felt sluggish for the first 5k of the ride then I hit the first hill and the legs came alive, after that and I felt great until the 30k mark or so.   With all the IM training rides I have not had my power up that high for awhile and it was a struggle the last 10k to keep it high, I kept falling back into IM pace because that is where I have been spending most of my time.   For people who like to know actual numbers my average power for the 40k was 353 with a normalized power of 361.   A big difference from IM pace.

I got off the bike expecting Cody to be pretty close but I was able to get out of transition and past ear shot before anyone else came in.   As it turns out, Cody must have made a wrong turn on the bike so he was out of the race.  I did not know this until the run turnaround.I ran well to the turn around, I was able to keep a good turnover and felt light on my feet.   heading back I did not see anyone until the 6k mark which meant I was 2k ahead of everyone else.  The first thought was to run easy to the finish line to save the legs a little but because of the TT start I really did not know how far back the others started.   I kept the pace pretty steady the rest of the way and finished still feeling strong.   I was pretty confident that I had done enough to win but the announcer told me that I need to wait 4:30 before I would officially win because Jack Laundry started that far behind me.  That time went by really slowly but it eventually passed and I was officially the winner.

It was a great race and it was awesome to see so many great athletes racing again in Ontario.   I am not sure if this can happen but it would be great to see all the Ontario Triathletes race in one race, draft legal and non drafting athletes!

2 weeks until Challenge, let the taper begin!

Here are a few pictures from the Race, thanks to the Multisport Canada crew for allowing me to use the pictures.

Lastly, I would like to thank all my sponsors, Kinetico Home water Systems and the C3 HP Team, Caledon Hillls Cycling and Cervelo, Saucony Shoes, Blade Carbon Race Wheels, and Eload Sports Nutrition

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