Coaching Update

MOM podium

Approaching 2014, I made a decision to put more time and energy into coaching athletes rather than racing myself.   It had been a very enjoyable year. My favourite thing about coaching is the wide variety of speeds and abilities that I encounter and the challenge of making training programs that suit each individual athlete. I think the variation allows me to stay sharp in all aspects of coaching; including keeping up to date with the newest technologies in swimming, biking and running.

I always enjoy seeing everyone out at races and cheering them on,  at times when I was racing myself I had to force myself to keep my head into my race because I found I was worried more about how my athletes were doing.   Looking for their competition and even trying to get splits for them.

I know any coach and athlete can’t have a perfect season there are always ups and downs throughout the course of the year.  Myself and my athletes did have some setbacks but I feel we were able to accept them and move on.  With the setbacks there are always the successes and our year was full of successes.

These are just a few of the accomplishments that my athletes achieved in 2014:

  • Finish their first Triathlon
  • Qualify and compete at Worlds in Edmonton
  • Qualify for Worlds in Chicago next summer
  • Win their first race in age group and overall
  • Finish their first Ironman
  • Qualify for Kona Ironman for the first time
  • Run 10km continuous
  • Complete First Olympic distance Triathlon
  • Qualify for Xterra World Championships
  • Multiple Age Group Podiums in races all over North America
  • Lastly, Too many Personal Bests to count!

I am really excited to see what next year will bring and am accepting new clients for the 2015 season.  I do have a limited number of available spots so email me if you are interested in working together to make your next year great, whether a training program or individual swim, running or bike coaching.   If you want any more information about coaching please look at the coaching section of the website or contact me directly.

Hope everyone has a great fall and I am looking forward to seeing everyone out again in the Spring!



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