Getting Back to the Training

Not that I am complaining at all but based off a series of events I am starting the new year at my heaviest weight ever and probably in the worse shape ever.  Starting with knowingly taking a break after Muskoka 70.3 I then got sick.  After about a month of not feeling myself I finally got going for a week or 2.  That’s when things started to happen with Krystal and our little man.   For about 3 weeks we were in and out of the Hospital for tests and Ultrasounds which ultimately ended in Little Ross coming Dec 10th almost 4 weeks early.   So with that and a lengthy hospital stay which is common with pre mature babies we got out right before Christmas.  Add it that and New Years family obligations, it leaves me almost 20 pounds above Ironman weight and feeling weak.

My favorite thing to do besides triathlon is XC skiing,  one advantage with having above average snow and below average temps is that it makes for great skiing.   I have been doing all my running because I need to but been supplementing some swims and bikes for skis.  Helps keep me sane by getting me outside more.

I am still working on my race schedule because it is still hard to know exactly how much time I will have to train with coaching and the little man, but I am looking forward to another good year of racing and training.


B-man and I after a cold Ski

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