Good but not Great day in Saskatoon

sean p5

As you can read from my previous post it was not a great lead up to the race this weekend.  I was sick about 2 weeks out and missed about 4 full day of training then it took the better part of a week to start feeling good again.   I was feeling okay the last few days into the race and had a good uneventful travel to Saskatoon.

Race prep went well, we were not able to swim at the course because of poor time management but we were able to find a pool, we also did a loop of the run course as well as a short bike.  Pretty typical pre race day.

Race day was a little different, because of the point to point bike it was a little odd setting things up in the am.  There was no problem but having to go to 2 different transitions felt a little weird.

Okay now on to the race.   The day was just full of little issues that when done as just one is no big deal but add them all together and they become more significant.  Mistake 1: Not bringing a suit I could swim in if non wetsuit, I had a speed suit which I thought I would be able to wear over my race suit but because every race decided which  rules they follow if I wore the speed suit I needed to wear it the rest of the race.   I had to go back to the old school way of tucking my singlet into my shorts and pull it up while running to transition.  This led to mistake #2.   Mistake 2:  I took my goggles off before I started to put on my jersey which caused me to drop my goggles while running, I thought I would be able to leave them behind but was told by an official that I needed to pick them up costing me about 10 seconds.  Mistake 3:  When I got to my bike my helmet had fallen off and my visor had come off as well, I needed the visor for the ride so I had to take some time to re attach it before starting the ride, another 10s.   Now after exiting the water right with Brent I am almost 30s back after transition.   Mistake 4:  Not riding my own race.   Pre race Brent was the favourite, the year before he had the fastest swim, bike and run so when I was gaining on him in the first 10min of the ride I settled into a pace that was slower then I should have been going which I found hard to get out of once I got settled in, I tried to go with Taylor when he went by but I did not have the jump in my legs.

All in all the little mistakes probably cost me about 30-40s of total time, that combined with being about 1min slower then expected on the bike puts me in 4th instead of battling for 2nd or 3rd.   It was only my second race of the year so there are some excuses to being rusty but I have been a Triathlete for 14 years so I should have it down by now.


On the bright side of the day, I had a good swim ( better then expected ), the second fastest bike split on a day I was not at 100% of the power I know I was capable of, and had an average run in relation to the other runners.   There were also 30km/h head/cross wind, I was nervous because of having my new Blade Carbon Wheels on but they handled perfectly,

sean p5

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