Long Awaited Race Report

If you don’t know the story at the start of the year I had no plan to do an Iron distance race, the start of the season started off slow with a flat at the first race in Alabama.    the season was starting to get back on track and then the opportunity came up to race the Challenge Penticton.  It is a historic race and one I have always wanted to do.   The season then took a turn as I tried to train for the Iron distance race.   I call it Iron distance because it is not officially an Ironman so I don’t want to call it an Ironman.

The preparation went well, but because of the short time period i was not able to get to the distances I needed to to completely be ready for the race.  I was prepared to go fast but was not sure I could hang on.

The race itself went  pretty well to plan.  I had a good swim, could have probably been a little faster than I was but the energy to swim 90s faster was more then I wanted to give knowing I was already short on fitness.   The bike started off good, myself and Jeff were able to put in a gap on the others in our swim pack but soon after Mclean Creek road Jeff started to pull away.   I kept to my effort I thought I could hold and was able to hold that pace all the way to km 110 or so.  After that point I started to get fatigued and I started to see the wattage slowly drop.  At the 110km mark my NP was 293 and by the end had dropped to 278, there is a big downhill that had some part in the drop but i did slow down as well.   Heading onto the run I had did not feel that great, I tried to keep to my pace but slowly slowed down and got to a pretty low spot at about the 15k mark.  I had dropped from 2nd – 6th and was still fading.   When I got to the special needs I was able to get what I needed and after that I was able to pick the pace back up and felt better on the way back to town.  Although I was close to cramping and extremely tired at the end I was glad I was able to finish strong and pick up one position on the way back.

I have one more race left this year, the Subaru EGames in Collingwood as part of Centurion.  It is a fun short race made up of 400m swim, 6.5k bike 2.5k run then repeat the bike and run again.  Should be a fun fast and hard race and a great way to finish off the season.

I was going to write more about all the success the athletes I coach but I will save it for another post.

Thanks for reading.

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