May and Early June Race Update


I always find it amazing how fast the body can adapt and change.   During this winter with the birth of Ross I had to let training go for a lot longer then anticipated.   I let my weight get to an all time high and lost a lot of fitness.   I knew it would take a while  and it did, I fought with myself thinking I would never get back into good enough shape to race this year.   Then there was a span of a few weeks towards the end of May where everything started to click again, almost like my body said “ok, I have punished you enough for the winter off I will start to work with you again.”   Workouts started to get faster and my endurance grew and grew.

I went into my first race of the year in Harrow as the Ontario Duathlon Championship.   With my team mate Lional Sanders I knew I would likely be battling for Second.  The race went out fast on the first 5k, I was right where I thought I would be ( 17.00 ) for first run leg but started the bike over 2min down on the leaders.   I knew I was going to have to go hard on the bike to catch up and pass the faster runners.  I did ride well and came off the bike in 2nd with only Lional ahead.  I ran well the second 2.5k and was able to hang on for 2nd.  I left Harrow feeling confident in my cycling as well as knowing my run was coming along well.

My second race of the year was the Milton Triathlon.   If there was a race suited for me, this one would be it.  Usually a cold swim, a real choppy hilly bike course and strongman run.   I went in knowing I had the capability of a real fast bike, an average run and I knew I was a little weaker then I would have liked on the swim.    In my old age I guess I know my capabilities well.   I was about 10s slower then I would have liked in the swim but still out with the leaders.   I went hard on the bike with hopes to set the new bike course record which I did by 30s over Len from 2008 I believe and became the first person to go under 43min for the 30km.  Off the bike I actually ran faster than I had thought I would which is always a pleasant  surprise.   the rece ended up being a new Bike Course Record as well as a full course record but it was a new run course so it can’t be compared to the last course.

My next race is going to be the  Subaru Saskatoon Chase race on the 29th of June.  It will be the first race I have traveled to in a few years so that should be fun.

I hope to keep posting more regularly now that the new website is up and running.



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